Thursday, April 28, 2011

release com_google 1.6

We Are Proud To Announce The Release Of  com_google 1.6 which compile with joomla 1.6.

Now u can download it from

Sunday, April 24, 2011

free google hosting - google app

Google app engine support to host ur own domain without any fees. Sub domain [ ] or any naked domains can map to google host. NS is the

How to map sub domain to google host
1.login to cPanel
2.visit page - Simple DNS Zone Editor ur domain from top drop down menu and set as Name [test] and cName as [ ] under Add a CNAME Record
4. save the setting. It will take at least 1 Hour for map to google host

how to make google app
Java and python are the main language which use in google host.
1.Login to ur own gmail
3.create your own sub domin by using  create application [  ]

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