Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Congratulations joomla 1.6 and issues

Congratulations to the Joomla team for making 1.6 happen!

Today I found following issue on the admin section. some time this not be a issue, but I am stuck on that point

In joomla 1.5,when u install any component and once u add it as menu item, there is option to setup "Parameters (Basic)" but not like that on joomla 1.6.

And we confirm com_google is work fine with joomla 1.6


  1. Hi
    I am tying to use this google component I have noticed when you have more than one map. when you try to assing the map to a menu Item you cannot be able to select the particular map you want to use.

    How can one enable this feature?




  2. Yes that's the problem I also face. But not found solution yet

  3. Since the new release of Joomla 1.6.2, the buttons "save" and "cancel" doesn't work anymore.

    Do you have a fix or a suggestion to correct that?

  4. Do you plan to update the software in the future?


  5. at the moment com_google properly work with joomla 1.6 in contact us page ...

    have u other feature need to add this?

  6. No, I do not want new features but did you try the module with joomla 1.6.2?

    com_google work in front-end but in backend we cannot modify because the two buttons "save" and "cancel" don't work. The only way is to modify directly into the database.

    Can someone can confirm if the problem is present with 1.6.2. The problem appear after the upgrade from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2. Maybe I'm the only one that get the problem.

    I really like your component, I just want some help to solve the issue I get yesterday.


  7. Ok I will update u within 8 Hours .....

    I will install com_google to Joomla 1.6.2.... and inform u ....

    Thanks for ur great comment

  8. page is show only 1.6.3 and upgraded 1.6.2

    So I try with 1.6.3

  9. I found the solution -->> INSTALL the new release of joomla 1.6.3 solved the issue.

    In joomla 1.6.2 the problem are:
    Javascript Mootools no longer loaded in backend
    Components *Redirect not now fully editable

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Nice to hear ....

    thanks for ur comments ...

    My Gtalk ID - wapnishantha

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