Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Easy to hack Joomla

Suppose your friends ask
Hi Machan [ = mate / buddy], Does it easy to hack Joomla? wt is your answer?. Actually your answer is yes. Today, I found hacking code of joomla web sites which can delete all the file and folder on joomla site. Do you know this hacking force to my web site and delete all the files and folders on today.

Normally I backup all the thing on daily basis. So The site has been successfully launch again within one hour. For the use of your awareness,  here is the link of that hanking code.

[ Machan = Mate/buddy ]



  1. Ada wap maththiya, komada Joomla heck koranawa ? keeyadenta beruwa ? - Wannila Attho

  2. Can u send Me that Zip i really Interested that thing

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