Friday, February 26, 2010

make simple one

Ok, Lets see how to write simple component .....
XML file is the main config file. In here we can see very simple XML file.

ple download this

and install it.

ok let see what is on.....
XML - install.xml
XML file is very important because it consist with all images / files/ and settings. so u have to clear this first. Download and extract it. their u can see install.xml file and some of code.
ok Now we can go line by line on XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE install SYSTEM "">
<install type="component" version="1.5.0">
<!-- The following elements are optional and free of formatting conttraints -->
<creationDate>2009/10/24 </creationDate>
<copyright>com_lanka1 2009</copyright>
<!-- The version string is recorded in the components table -->
<!-- The description is optional and defaults to the name -->
This component is a Flight System. <br />
<!-- Site Main File Copy Section -->
<files folder="site">



<!-- Administration Menu Section -->
<!-- Administration Main File Copy Section -->
<!-- Note the folder attribute: This attribute describes the folder
to copy FROM in the package to install therefore files copied
in this section are copied from /admin/ in the package -->
<files folder="admin">
<!-- Site Main File Copy Section -->





admin - this is folder which include all admin relevant files
site - this is folder which include all front end user relevant files

now ple go following link or use 'com_lanka' MENU under component category
http://YOUR WEB SITE NAME OR LOCAL HOST /administrator/index.php?option=com_lanka1

now u can see following img

Ohhh error!!!! why is this? do not worry we use trail and error fixing method ....

connect with next post

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